CEO - Oragroup

In July 2016, Binta Touré Ndoye was appointed Chief Executive Officer of the pan-African banking network Oragroup.

The Oragroup operates in 12 French-speaking countries of West and Central Africa (Benin, Burkina Faso, Chad, Côte d’Ivoire, Gabon, Guinea Conakry, Guinea Bissau, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Senegal, and Togo) and in four monetary zones (WAEMU, ECCAS, Guinea Conakry and Mauritania). With 143 bank branches and over 1,811 employees, Oragroup offers to its nearly half a million clients (national, regional and international firms, SMEs or private individuals) a wide range of banking products and services.

Ms. Toure Ndoye began her career in the United States before returning to Africa in 1995 when she joined the Ecobank Group in Côte d’Ivoire. She then successfully rose through the ranks at Ecobank over the next 20 years. She was appointed Managing Director of Ecobank Mali in 2007 and in 2013, she moved to the group’s headquarters in Lomé, Togo where she started implementing various strategic projects at group level.

Since taking the helm at Oragroup, Binta has bolstered its operations as a pan-African banking institution and has established the Oragroup as a major player in the African banking sector.

Binta Touré Ndoye holds an MBA from the University of Central Oklahoma in the United States.

Twitter Account: @GroupeOrabank


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