Jacques BIOT

President - Ecole polytechnique (University of Science and Technology)

Executive President of École Polytechnique (since mid-2013), member of the « Innovation 2030 » commission (since 2013), member of the International Board of the Moscow Institute for Physics and Technology (since 2014), member of the Board of Directors of the Institute d’Optique Graduate School (since 2014), member of the scientific committee of the French Weizmann council (since 2017).

Mid-2012-mid-2013: investor in life sciences

1992-mid-2012: founder, chairman & CEO of JNBD, a strategic consulting firm in life sciences and health technology. Independent director and vice chairman of Guerbet Laboratories. Non-executive chairman of Ecole des Mines d’Alès.

1985-1992: member of the executive committee in highly innovative French biopharmaceutical companies (Roussel Uclaf and Pasteur Mérieux Serums and Vaccines, both later integrated into the Sanofi Group)

1982-1985: policy adviser in the office of the Minister of Industry and Research, then in the Prime Minister’s office, in charge of industry and technology

1977-1981: industry and technology funding and company turn-around (CIASI/CIRI)

Education:  École Polytechnique, Corps des Mines


Quel enseignement supérieur dans le futur ? – Jacques BIOT

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