Professor - Singapore INSEAD

Beatrice Weder di Mauro is Distinguished Fellow in residence at the Emerging Markets Institute of INSEAD Singapore and holds the Chair of Economic Policy and International Macroeconomics at the University of Mainz in Germany.

She has provided high-level policy advice to European governments, the European Commission, several international organizations and various central banks. For eight years she served on the German Council of Economic Experts, the highest advisory body for economic matters reporting directly to the German chancellor. She has been a member of strategic advisory groups for the Swiss and the Austrian governments, led research projects and acted as a consultant for the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the European Central Bank, the Deutsche Bundesbank and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development and the G20. She received her PhD from the University of Basel and subsequently worked as economist in the European and the Fiscal Affairs department of the International Monetary Fund. She held visiting scholar positions at Harvard University, the National Bureau of Economic Research in Cambridge MA, the United Nations University in Tokyo.

Her research addresses policy related questions in international macroeconomics. Recent publications have focused on reforms of the euro zone, debt sustainability, cross-border banking regulation, financial integration, international competitiveness, G20 and the global financial architecture. She has published extensively in leading academic journals, writes regular op-eds and contributions to the public policy debate.


Publications (5 max.):

“Greek Debt Sustainability and Official Crisis Lending”, 2016, Brookings Papers on Economic Activity, 2016, Fall 2015 Conference, (with Julian Schumacher).

“Financial Sector Reforms after the Crisis: Has Anything Happened?” 2016, Review of Finance 20, 1, 77-125, published online February 3, 2015, (with Alexander Schäfer and Isabel Schnabel), also CEPR Discussion Paper DP9502.

“International Competitiveness, Job Creation and Job Destruction – An Establishment Level Study of German Job Flows”, 2010, Journal of International Economics 80, 2, 1589–1612, (with Christoph Moser and Dieter Urban); also CEPR Discussion Paper 6745, 2009.

« Do Corrupt Governments Receive Less Foreign Aid? », 2002, American Economic Review 92, 4, 1126-1137, (with Alberto Alesina).

“Sources of Contagion: Is it Finance or Trade”, 2001, Journal of International Economics 54, 2, 293-308, (with Caroline Van Rijckeghem).

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