Les Voix de l’Economie


In 2015, seventeen representatives of civil society organisations and think tanks launched a totally new initiative.  They decided to meet regularly for discussion –accepting (and indeed taking as given) that they would have disagreements among themselves– to discuss questions that they judged to be primordial, looking ahead to the presidential election of 2017 and beyond. 

It was thus that a set of organisations –Attac, le Cercle des économistes, Coe-Rexecode, La Fabrique Ecologique, la Fabrique de l’Industrie, la Fondapol, la Fondation Robert Schuman, l’Institut Montaigne, GenerationLibre, les économistes atterrés, les Gracques, l’Institut de l’Entreprise, la Fondation Concorde, l’OFCE, la Fondation Jean-Jaurès, la Fabrique Spinoza and Terra Nova– put in motion a series of public debates, with a view toward helping advance national thought about the French economy, the paths that might be taken to improve its functioning and efficiency, and the place of France in the world.

The objective is to provide to as many people as possible, setting aside partisan considerations, the keys and analytical tools that will permit them to achieve a critical understanding of what is socially and economically at stake, so that they can make informed and intelligent choices when the time comes to act and vote.




Friday 1 July 2016 at Les Rencontres Économiques d’Aix-en-Provence.

Is there a solution for Europe ? 

15 :00 – 16 :30 : Can one still want a Europe ?

Fabrique Spinoza, Fondation Jean-Jaurès, Fondation Robert Schuman, GenerationLibre, Institut Montaigne, Terra Nova


16:30 – 18:00: European economic policies: reforms or breaks ?

Cercle des économistes, Coe-Rexecode, Fabrique écologique, Fabrique de l’Industrie, Fondation Concorde, Les Gracques, Institut de l’Entreprise, OFCE


Preceding debates :

– 10 February 2015 : First public debate in Le Monde on the theme «Where is the world economy going?»  and publication of a 4-page dossier in the daily newspaper.  en savoir plus

– 1 June 2015: publication of a 4-page dossier in Le Monde about the role of central banks.

– 23 November 2015: public debate on «Let’s open up the job market to young people!» in Le Monde with publication of a 4-page dossier in the daily newspaper.  en savoir plus

Ent – 31 March 2016 : A special feature is published in the public tribune of Le Monde, bringing together the ideas of 17 Think tanks and civil society organisations.