Xiangquan ZENG

Director of China Institute for Employment Research - Renmin University of China

Interests, Fields of Research :  Employment, Labor Market Policy, labor Economics and Compensation Management

Publications (5 max.):

Xiangquan Zeng.2015. « Quarterly Review of China’s Employment Since the Financial Crisis », Renmin      University of China Press.

Xiangquan Zeng, Yuxue Cui.2008. “Job Search, Labor Market Intermediaries and Employment Promotion: The evidence from China”, International Labor Review, 147(2-3):280-283.

Xiangquan Zeng, Yong Yu.2007. “NAIRU in China: Measurement and Analyses”, Social Sciences in China, 4: 65-77.

Xiangquan Zeng, Liang Lu and Saad.2005. “Working Time in Transition: the Dual Task of Standardization and Flexibilization in China”, Conditions of Work and Employment Series No.11, Printed by the International Labor Office, Geneva, Switzerland.

Xiangquan Zeng.2004. “Employment Environment in Transition and Job Seeking of College Graduates”, Economic Research Journal, 6:87-95.



Xiangquan Zeng – A Mix of Joy and Sorrow, Thoughts ont the Impact of the Third Revolution on the Chinese Labor Market

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