Nicolas COLIN

Co-Founder & Partner - TheFamily

38-year-old. Co-founder & Partner, TheFamily, with Alice Zagury and Oussama Ammar. Member of the Board, Commission nationale de l’informatique et des libertés. Member of the board of directors, digital business unit, Groupe La Poste. Formerly in charge, with Pierre Collin (conseiller d’Etat), of a report commissioned by the French Government about the tax system and the digital economy. As such, ranked in the top ten of the #GlobalTax50 in 2013. Co-author, with Henri Verdier, of L’Âge de la multitude. Graduated from Telecom Bretagne with a major in computer science. Graduated from the Institut d’études politiques (Sciences Po) with a major in public administration and a minor in American studies. Graduated from the École nationale d’administration (ENA) before becoming an inspecteur des finances at the Inspection générale des finances (2006-2010, then 2012-2013). Former co-chief of staff for the « Zelnik Task Force » (2009-2010). Founder and former CEO of 1x1connect (2010-2012), co-founder of SAM Network. Teaches business strategy at Sciences Po. Member of the board of the Rules for Growth Institute.


Publication :

  • For Terra Nova – La richesse des nations après la révolution numérique – En cours de publication.
  • With Henri Verdier – L’Âge de la multitude, Entreprendre et gouverner après la révolution numérique (éd. Armand Colin, 2ème éd. mai 2015)
  • For TheFamily – La transition numérique au coeur de la stratégie d’entreprise (disponible en ligne sur le site de TheFamily)
  • With Pierre Collin (conseiller d’Etat) – Rapport de la mission d’expertise sur la fiscalité de l’économie numérique, remis au Gouvernement en janvier 2013 (disponible en ligne sur le site de la Documentation française, translated in English)

Twitter Account : @Nicolas_Colin

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