Jean-Marie LE GUEN

Minister of State for Relations with Parliament, attached to the Prime Minister - France

Jean-Marie Le Guen is a doctor and is graduated of a Master in Health Economics.

As a Member of Parliament, he seat at the Foreign Affairs Committee. He used to manage issues related to public health within the Socialist group at the National Assembly. He introduced many Bills about public health issues, particularly regarding access to tobacco and alcohol.

In 2008, he became deputy mayor of Paris, in charge of Public Health and Chairman of Public Assistance – Paris Hospitals (AP-HP) until 2014. The AP-HP is the public hospital system of Paris and its suburbs. It is the largest hospital system in Europe and one of the largest in the world.

He is former President of the French – Chinese friendship Committee at the French Parliament.

In 2013, he has launched a new think-tank (le Pôle des Réformateurs) which aimes to promote the reformers and social-democrats’ ideas.

In 2014, he has been appointed minister in charge of Relations with the Parliament in the first Valls’ government.


Publications :

  • Obésité, le nouveau mal français ( Obesity, the new french evil ; 2005)
  • Retraites et vieillissement : pour un nouveau contrat social français (Retirement and ageing : moving toward a new french social contract ; 2010 )
  • Sauvons notre Santé, avant qu’il ne soit trop tard !(We must save our healthcare system before it is too late ; 2011)
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