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Michele Boldrin holds a PhD from the University of Rochester (1987) and is currently Joseph G. Hoyt Distinguished Professor of Economics, at Washington University in Saint Louis. Previously, he has been on the Faculty of the University of Chicago, UCLA, Northwestern, Carlos III, Pennsylvania and Minnesota. He is a Fellow of the Econometric Society, of the Society for Economic Dynamics and of the Society for Economic Measurement, a Research Fellow at CEPR (London) and FEDEA (Madrid) as well as a consultant with the Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis. He has served as an advisor to various international agencies and governments. In his research he uses dynamic general equilibrium theory to understand social phenomena and evaluate policy proposals, with a particular focus on economic growth, innovation, business cycles, and the welfare state. He has published articles in all major economic research journals as well as several books. Against Intellectual Monopoly, coauthored with David K. Levine, was published by Cambridge University Press in June 2008 and has been translated in various languages.

Five main professional publications:

“On the Indeterminacy of Capital Accumulation Paths” (with L. Montrucchio), Journal of Economic Theory, 40 (1986).

“Labor Contracts and Business Cycles” (with M. Horvath), Journal of Political Economy 103 (1995), 972-1004.

“Habit Persistence, Asset Returns and the Business Cycle”, (with L.Christiano and J.Fisher), American Economic Review, 91 (2001), 149-166.

“The Intergenerational State: Public Education and Pensions”, (with A. Montes) Review of Economic Studies, 72 (2005), 651-664.

“Perfectly Competitive Innovation”, (with David K. Levine), Journal of Monetary Economics, 55 (2008), 435-453.


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