Collegiate Professor of Economics and Law - University of Michigan

James Hines teaches at the University of Michigan, where he is Richard A. Musgrave Collegiate Professor of Economics in the department of economics, L. Hart Wright Collegiate Professor of Law in the law school, and Research Director of the Office of Tax Policy Research. His research concerns various aspects of taxation. He holds a B.A. and M.A. from Yale University and a Ph.D. from Harvard, all in economics. He taught at Princeton and Harvard prior to Michigan, and has held visiting appointments at Columbia University, the London School of Economics, the University of California-Berkeley, and Harvard Law School. He is a research associate of the National Bureau of Economic Research, research director of the International Tax Policy Forum, former co-editor of the Journal of Economic Perspectives, and once, long ago, was an economist in the United States Department of Commerce.


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“Domestic Effects of the Foreign Activities of U.S. Multinationals,” (with Mihir A. Desai and C. Fritz Foley), American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, February 2009, 1 (1), 181-203.


J.R.Hines_The Global Tax Conflict

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