Gunnar LUND

Ambassador of Sweden to France

Gunnar Lund was trained in economics, political science and Russian at the universities of Uppsala and Stockholm. As a Fulbright scholar he studied at Columbia University in New York, from where he holds a Master’s degree in Economics and International Law. In the seventies and eighties, he pursued a career as a civil servant in the Swedish Ministries of Finance and Foreign Affairs, and served for several years as the Finance ministry’s representative to the OECD in Paris.

In 1988, Gunnar Lund was given his first political assignment when he was appointed Deputy Finance Minister (State Secretary) with responsibility for budget, economic policy and international affairs.

After the election in 1991, Gunnar Lund worked in the Ministry for Foreign Affairs as Ambassador and negotiator on issues of  defense and armaments as well as on Russian affairs.

After the election in 1994, Gunnar Lund was appointed Deputy Foreign Minister (State Secretary) for European Affairs. In that capacity, he helped design Sweden’s policy during its first years in the European Union and served as his country’s chief negotiator for the Amsterdam and Nice treaties.

In 1999, Gunnar Lund was named Sweden’s Ambassador to the European Union. He returned to Sweden in 2002 when he was appointed Minister and Member of the Swedish Cabinet with responsibility for international economic and financial affairs as well as for public administration.

In 2005 he was named Sweden’s Ambassador to the United States and from 2007 he is now Ambassador of Sweden to France.

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