David DROR

CMD - Micro Insurance Academy (MIA)

MIA is the largest knowledge center on microinsurance domain knowledge globally, active in India (Odisha, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh etc), in Nepal, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Tanzania, Cameroon and elsewhere. MIA supports mutualization of several classes of risk, icl. health, agri, livestock, climate-change-related risks.

Experience: Hon professor, Erasmus Univ Rotterdam (2004-2014); ILO senior social security specialist (up to 2003)


Dror DM, L Firth: The demand for (micro) health insurance in the informal sector. The Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance. (October) 2014

Dror DM, PK Panda, Ch May, A Majumdar, R Koren: “One for all and all for one”; Consensus-building within communities in rural India on their health microinsurance package. Risk Management and Healthcare Policy. June 2014

Dror DM, Majumdar A, Panda PK, John D, Koren R: Implementing a Participatory Model of Micro Health Insurance among Rural Poor, With Evidence from Nepal. The Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance 2014, doi:10.1057/gpp.2013.31 (April)

Binnendijk E, Koren R, Dror DM. A model to estimate coverage levels of rural poor enrolled in community-based health insurance schemes in developing countries. Health (special issue on health economics) 2014 6, 822-835 (March)

Dror DM: Health Microinsurance in Developing Countries. In Anthony J. Culyer (ed.), Encyclopedia of Health Economics, Vol 1 San Diego: Elsevier; 2014 pp. 412-421 (February)

Binnendijk E, Dror DM Gerelle E, Koren R: Estimating willingness-to-pay for health insurance among rural poor in India, by reference to Engel’s law. Social Science & Medicine, 2013, 76: 67-73, January

Dror DM, Vellakkal S: Is RSBY India’s Platform to Implementing Universal Hospital Insurance? Indian J Medical Res 2012 135: 56-63, Jan


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