Bertrand BADRE

Managing Director and Group Chief Financial Officer - The World Bank

Badré is responsible for the financial and risk management strategies of the World Bank Group and for the institutions that make up the Group. This includes development of new, innovative financial products and services, oversight of the financial reporting, and mobilization of financial resources in alignment with the Group’s strategy. Badré contributes to the international dialogue on financial standards and best practices, primarily through his representation of the Group at meetings of the G20 Finance Ministers and the Financial Stability Board. In addition, Badré oversees the Information and Technology Solutions Vice Presidency.

Professional Experience: Previously, Badré was Group CFO at Société Générale and Crédit Agricole, and Managing Director of Lazard. During the 2003 Evian G8 summit, Badré served as President Chirac’s deputy personal representative for Africa and as a spokesperson on new international financial contributions to fund development. He was on the World Panel on Financing Water Infrastructure, chaired by Michel Camdessus, and served in the French Ministry of Finance.

Publications: Enterprises in Revolution, the Future of Pensions Plans in Europe and in Latin America, and Has Globalization a Soul?


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