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Ken Shibusawa has been at the forefront of Japan policy thinking in recent years, drawing on his perspective as a founder and manager in the private asset management industry – Founder & CEO of Shibusawa and Company, Inc., Founder & Chairman of Commons Asset Management, as well as Founder of &Capital, his most recent venture in impact investment for Africa with Japan. Ken is a member of the “Global Steering Group for Impact Investment” National Advisory Board in Japan established in 2014 and a Board Member of the International Foundation for Valuing Impact, founded in 2022. Ken is also advisor to the Office of the President at the University of Tokyo, member of UNDP SDGs Impact Steering Group, member of the Council for New Form of Capitalism, established by Prime Minister Kishida, and Chair of the Study Group on Impact Investment for Global Health at the Cabinet Office. He also serves as Special Advisor to the ISSB (International Sustainability Standards Board) Chair, and Senior Advisor at Brunswick Group, the strategic advisory firm. Ken is also a renowned and widely published author in Japan, with much of his literature focused on the philosophies of his great-great grandfather, Eiichi Shibusawa, known as the “father of Japanese capitalism.”