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Discuss, Act, Change – Youth 2022

The Cercle des économistes started from an observation: youth was the great forgotten of the last presidential campaign. What if, before proposing measures for those who will make tomorrow, we started by giving them a voice? This is the conviction that led to the launch of Discuss, Act, Change – Youth 2022 in partnership with SNCF, La Poste, Wavestone and La Plateforme.

A conversation on an unprecedented scale, conducted using the conversational medium Jam, without taboos or prejudices, to build together concrete measures in favour of young people, which will be presented at the next Rencontres Économiques d’Aix-en-Provence, on 8, 9 and 10 July.


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15 695 participants, aged 18 to 28 years old 706 515 persons reached 268 000 social media interactions 5 thematic of discussion

The 15 key figures

Living better

First observation: after two years of health crisis, the morale of young people is at a low point. This is due in particular to the often precarious material conditions of existence, even if everything is not so bad.

3 key figures
say they feel down
need financial support
1 out of 5
does not feel well housed and does not have enough to eat

Living together

It is difficult, when you are young, to project yourself collectively into the future and to invent other ways of living as a society. However, the vectors of commitment are there (climate, inequalities…), but young people do not feel represented by the institutions in place.

3 key figures
1 out of 2
does not feel included
feel they have to make up for the choices made by previous generations
believe that the President of the Republic is the one who best represents them


Although the transition between student and professional life can be tricky, the vast majority of young people still believe in the virtues of education… provided that the system is thoroughly rethought.

3 key figures
consider the education system to be out of step with the issues of the day
consider that the "social lift" still works
do not feel sufficiently prepared to enter the professional world


The climate generation is not a myth. Faced with the environmental crisis, young people say they are ready to take radical action, both individually and collectively.

3 key figures
believe that the environment is an absolute emergency and must be the priority of the next five years
1 out of 2
feels powerless in the face of the climate crisis
are prepared to restrict themselves on a daily basis to safeguard the environment


Will restoring meaning to work be enough to give young people a taste for it? Not so sure, when the majority of young people are worried about their professional future, and seem above all to be looking for security and a work/life balance.

3 key figures
have serious doubts about their professional future
have a positive view of the CDI
believe that work is primarily to put food on the table.